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Scentech Medical

Scentech Medical is a company which specializes in Breath Test Diagnostics. It has been established on the infrastructure of several successful experiments over the last decade, including clinical trials, for the detection of infectious diseases, cancers, and other illnesses by a straightforward test of the patient's breath sample. Scentech-Medical, a leader in its field, is in the process of merging with the shell company BioMed NextGen (TASE:NXGN) in Israel

Real-Time Accurate Disease Identification Breath Analysis

Our technology provides a solution for a highly accurate breath analysis in real-time and at the Point of Care. Identifying infectious diseases in their early stages can be critical in preventing the spread of an epidemic like the Coronavirus. Every living organism has unique metabolic processes that produce a particular signature. With the company’s exclusive technology and methodology for identifying Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in exhaled breath, we can identify the direct compounds associated with the virus’s activity.

Our Labs

Scentech Medical’s laboratory, located in Rehovot, Israel, is uniquely suited for mapping biomarkers in exhaled breath thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly skilled researchers. 

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At the Frontline

Breath Test for Coronavirus Detection

Following two successful clinical trials, during which the company was able to map the biomarkers associated with the coronavirus in breath. The company continues to a validation trial in order to make its breath analysis system, VOX, operational. The device is designed for rapid detection of the coronavirus, with on-the-spot results in just a few minutes, even in early asymptomatic stages of the disease.


Our Product

VOX System


Rapid Breath Test for Coronavirus Detection

The VOX system is designed for the rapid detection of pathogens in breath, including the coronavirus. From a simple exhalation the system detects whether the coronavirus biomarkers are found in the subject’s breath and outputs accurate test results. The test is groundbreaking and designated to be, fast, with on-the-spot results, accurate (over 90%) non-invasive, and able to detect patients in all stages of the disease, even asymptomatic patients. At this stage, the company is carrying out a final validation trial and is in the process of making the product operational.

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The Team

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Sholem Lapidot

Chief Executive Officer

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Drew Morris

Chief Research Officer

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Harel Hershtik

Chief Technology Officer

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Yaniv Chevron


Natalie Dror_pic.png

Dr. Natalie Dror

VP Clinical & Regulatory Affairs


Dr. Keren-Or Amar

Healthcare Business Consultant


Konstantin Tartakovsky

Analytical Research Chemist

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Dr. Regina Sinelnikov

Analytical Lab Manager


Dr. Diklah Geva

Head of Data Science

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