Joint Ventures

Scentech Medical signed an MoU for collaboration with LSRI or Life Science Research Israel Ltd. (the commercial arm of the Israel Institute for Biological Research), in which it was agreed that the parties would engage in extensive cooperation, including work to verify the identity of the biomarkers, validation of the composition and structure of the compounds located by Scentech for detecting the coronavirus, and joint research for the development and verification of additional biomarkers. This joint venture entails the development of a joint working plan, executing a pilot, a trial run and analysis of 300 high- resolution, mass spectra sample analyses. In addition, verification of the results obtained during the joint work will be carried out via joint laboratory analysis.

Scentech Medical has signed a research contract with the Shamir (Assaf Harofeh) Medical Center to conduct an approved clinical trial (following Helsinki Committee approval) for the identification of both persons infected with the coronavirus and carriers.

Scentech Medical is working to expand it’s research contract with additional hospitals.