The Founders’ Vision – in a Nutshell

A non-invasive test enabling diagnosis of a large number of diseases in their early stages, in the case of infectious diseases – the accurate identification of the pathogen to a level enabling antibiotic compatibility without waiting 3 days for the culture results, considered to be the Holy Grail of the world of diagnostics. When each metabolic process, and each healthy or unhealthy cell (such as cancer) or invading cells (such as bacteria or virus) produce thousands of different substances at any given moment, such a test has been considered impossible. In recent years, it has emerged that each metabolic process, whether of (both healthy and unhealthy) body cells or invading cells (pathogens), have a unique chemical signature composed of a number of organic compounds. In many cases, a part of that signature includes volatile organic gases that eventually find their way into the air we breathe. Scentech Medical is the leading company in the world in the field of mapping volatile organic gas-based unique chemical signatures (biomarkers), and it won’t be long before the Company offers a non-invasive breath test enabling diagnosis of a growing number of diseases, along with monitoring of an individual’s state of health. Scentech Medical is engaged in a relentless effort to turn this vision into an available and accurate test for everyone, to ensure a safer and healthier future for us and our children.
The Scentech Medical Team