Breath Analysis

Every organic cell has unique metabolic processes, most of them produce unique artifacts in the form of organic gases called VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). In the human body most of these gases find their way to our lungs. By identifying gases associated with a specific organic cell, Scentech can create a metabolic “fingerprint” which can then be detected by our diagnostic systems that analyze exhaled breath. Scentech medical has been granted a comprehensive patent on these discovery and detection processes:

Early detections save lives
This golden rule applies to every disease. In the case of an epidemic like Covid-19, identifying infectious pathogens in their early stages can be critical to prevent the spread of the disease. Scentech medical technologies provides an on-site, rapid, and accurate disease identification. The company is dedicated to providing an early detection of diseases in both clinical and non-clinical settings, in order to combat the spread of diseases and to dramatically improve clinical outcomes for those who are affected.