Our Team Members

Meet our exceptionally talented team

Dr. Diklah Geva

Head of Data Science

Dr. Geva brings over 20 years of data analysis leading to successful developments of...

Yaniv Chevron

Chief Executive Officer

Yaniv combines extensive financial expertise with significant experience in accelerating company growth.

Drew Morris

Chief Research Officer

Drew is a seasoned expert in the areas of metabolomics, breath analysis, and genetic expression diagnostics.

Dr. Natalie Dror

VP Clinical & Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Natalie has extensive leadership experience in medical device product management including R&D...

Yaakov Amidror

Executive Board Member

Yaakov Amidror is a former major general and former head of National Security Institute of Israel...

Dr. Keren-Or Amar

Healthcare Business Consultant

Dr. Amar earned her Ph.D. at the Faculty of Life Science, Bar-Ilan University, and completed post-doctoral...

Konstantin Tartakovsky

Analytical Research Chemist

Konstantin has over twenty years of analytical experience as the head of the Analytical Laboratory...

Dr. Udi Cantor

Chief Medical Officer

Specialist in General and Urological Surgery In the past, he managed the organ transplant unit at...

Dr. Regina Sinelnikov

Analytical Lab Manager

Dr. Regina brings her drive and passion for meaningful science to her role as the Analytical...