Dr. Diklah Geva

Head of Data Science

Dr. Geva brings over 20 years of data analysis leading to successful developments of classification algorithms for a variety of biomedical applications as well as clinical trials repots submission to the FDA. Diklah holds a PhD in Epidemiology and Public health from Ben Gurion University, a MSc. in Biostatistics from university of Pittsburgh and a BA in Statistics from the university of Haifa along with additional MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from the Israeli branch at Ramat Aviv of Swinburn University. Diklah servs as the principal biostatistician of various clinical trials initiated by Israeli and international companies. In addition, she functions as a consultant to the Ministry of health Institute of Quality and Standard of Medical Product, s for over 15 years. Diklah is a great fan of R and is brilliant in data visualizations.