Scentech Medical’s Technology

Our technology provides a solution for a highly accurate breath analysis in real-time and at the Point of Care. Identifying infectious diseases in their early stages can be critical in preventing the spread of an epidemic like the Coronavirus. Every living organism has unique metabolic processes that produce a particular signature. With the company’s exclusive technology and methodology for identifying Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in exhaled breath, we can identify the direct compounds associated with the virus’s activity.

VOX System

The VOX system is an automated breath sampling and analyzing system designed for the rapid detection of volatiles organic compounds associated with pathogens and cancerogenic in breath, including the coronavirus. Using a sample of the subject’s breath and analyzing it using an advance Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS) the system detects whether the biomarkers for s specific pathogen are present and outputs accurate test results. The test is groundbreaking and designed to be accurate, fast, provide on-the-spot results, non-invasive, and to detect patients in all stages of the disease, including asymptomatic patients. At this stage, the company is carrying out a final validation clinical trial and is in the process of commercializing the product.