The Team

Dr. Rom Eliaz

Executive board member

Sholem Lapidot


Steven Bermeister

Co-Founder / Chief
Executive Officer

Yaniv Chevron

CSO Chief Strategy Officer

Uri Zeevi

Co-Founder / VP Business Development

Sholem is an Economics and Finance specialist. He has held several senior positions including CEO of the IDB Group, CEO of Discount Investments, as well as the Director of the Israeli retail chain store Shufersal and Director of Cellcom.

Steven is a partner, with his brother Kevin (a Skype seed investor), in Brilliant Digital Entertainment; they are owners of the Kazaa brand, where Steven worked as the Head of Operations. He has wide-ranging experience overseeing large teams in marketing and technology, alongside a good track record with early-stage companies in emerging industries. He has been active in several public companies in the US.

Yaniv combines extensive financial expertise with significant experience in accelerating company growth. He was the Chief Strategy Officer at Excellence Investment House, where he managed over 35 billion dollars in assets. Yaniv is an NFX Alumnus and has an MA in Economics from Tel Aviv University.

Our Team

Yaniv Chevron

Chief Executive Officer

Yaakov Amidror

Executive Board Member

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Udi Cantor

Drew Morris

Chief Research Officer 

Yaniv combines extensive financial expertise with significant experience in accelerating company growth. He was the Chief Strategy Officer at Excellence Investment House, where he managed over 35 billion dollars in assets. Yaniv is an NFX Alumnus and has an MA in Economics from Tel Aviv University.

Yaakov Amidror  is a former major general and former head of National Security Institute of Israel, and was also the head of the Research Department of Israeli military intelligence. Today, he is the Anne and Greg Rosshandler Senior Fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies, a leading security think tank.

Specialist in General and Urological Surgery In the past, he managed the organ transplant unit at Sheba Medical Center. He is a graduate of the FDA standard GMP examiners and was certified in Health Systems Management, at the Heller School, University of Brandeis, Boston, USA.

Additionally, Dr. Cantor has served as the Head of Quality and Technology Administration in the USSR and as Head of the Technion Risk Management Training Village in Haifa.

He founded and has served as the Head of the Medical Policy Division of the Medical Association in Israel.

Drew is a seasoned expert in the areas of metabolomics, breath analysis, and genetic expression diagnostics. He served on multiple advisory panels addressing the planning for pandemics and global health threats. He continues to be an outspoken advocate for the need for rapid diagnostic tools based on genetic expression, as a means to contain the spread of infectious diseases and improve health outcomes.

Dr. Keren-Or Amar

Healthcare Business Consultant

Dr. Regina Sinelnikov

Analytical Lab Manager

Konstantin Tartakovsky

Analytical Research Chemist

Dr. Natalie Dror

VP Clinical & Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Amar earned her Ph.D. at the Faculty of Life Science, Bar-Ilan University, and completed post-doctoral studies at the Lautenberg Center for Immunology and Cancer Research at the Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Further, she holds a BSc and MSc from the Faculty of Biology at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, as well as an MA in Law from Bar-Ilan University.

Since graduating, she has held a number of management positions in the Biomed and Pharma Industries. Currently she serves as VP Business Development at Yissum, of the Hebrew University. She served as the manager of ShizimXL medical devices accelerator and established and managed the research and development authority at Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

Dr. Regina brings her drive and passion for meaningful science to her role as the Analytical Laboratory Manager. She holds a PhD in Materials Chemistry from the University of Alberta and a BSc in Chemistry and Computer Science from Western University. Regina honed her analytical skills as a researcher at the Analytical Laboratory of the Israeli Air Force, where she specialized in the identification and method development for the analysis of non-metal materials used in the aviation industry.

Konstantin has over twenty years of analytical experience as the head of the Analytical Laboratory in the Israeli Air Force. Konstantin’s expert command of numerous analytical tools served him well in aircraft failure investigations, air quality analyses, and applied research at the IAF. He developed multiple methods for the quality assurance, predictive maintenance, and forensic analysis of non-metal materials. The state-of-the-art laboratory under his command held unique capabilities, some of which were developed in-house. Konstantin obtained his BSc in Chemistry and MSc in Medical Science from Tel-Aviv University.

Dr. Natalie has extensive leadership experience in medical device product management including R&D, pre-clinical studies, clinical studies design, the establishment of regulatory strategies, and submissions to regulatory authorities worldwide. Natalie received her MSc in Medicine, and her PhD in Biotechnology from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

Dr. Diklah Geva

Head of Data Science

Dr. Geva brings over 20 years of data analysis leading to successful developments of classification algorithms for a variety of biomedical applications as well as clinical trials repots submission to the FDA. Diklah holds a PhD in Epidemiology and Public health from Ben Gurion University, a MSc. in Biostatistics from university of Pittsburgh and a BA in Statistics from the university of Haifa along with additional MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from the Israeli branch at Ramat Aviv of Swinburn University. Diklah servs as the principal biostatistician of various clinical trials initiated by Israeli and international companies. In addition, she functions as a consultant to the Ministry of health Institute of Quality and Standard of Medical Product, s for over 15 years. Diklah is a great fan of R and is brilliant in data visualizations.

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